The fight against front accountants [2 vsela].

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The fight against front accountants [2 vsela].

Сообщение notly1988 07 авг 2018, 07:05

Looking at the more coincidences, when TOP players turn out to be so weak that they allow themselves to milk the pirates and climb it well, it becomes a bit ridiculous ... how come ?! people do not know how to play, but at the same time they managed to develop the mines so quickly that after them the hunks get stolen? Or maybe there is worth checking out more?

If without any checks on the IP, we simply study the statistics and the hall of glory, then we see that everywhere appear: Psychosis and Serega, as milk cows. However, if Serega can see that this man is playing ... he is hurt and he went headlong into the defense, he already built 10 Ru. That Psychosis, with all its "experience" somehow painfully tolerates losses and agrees with its role as a cash cow.

On this very interesting, what administrations are doing to combat the unfair game in the second galaxy.
And this .... "landing where"?
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Re: The fight against front accountants [2 vsela].

Сообщение nE0sIghT 23 сен 2018, 10:28

Последние годы во всех вселенных не проводится чистка мультов и прочих зловредов. Игра находится в режиме "fun play".
Если есть желание играть честно хотя бы у 10 игроков - организую новую вселенную с жесткой модерацией.
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