intellectual defense + total bad luck =?

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intellectual defense + total bad luck =?

Сообщение sakurasanta86 22 июн 2018, 11:22

That's all sorts of "smart" miners accused me of the fact that I'm going to attack more ships than necessary.
Gloss over here. Speedsome did not even dream of such a loss even in a terrible dream. Expensive price for 270 piracy eyes ..
It turns out that all the lasers did not shred for 60 targets, but they chose one link and threw everything into it, in the 2nd round they jumped at one more.
I understand the kanesh that the witch zones are not off, but usually the spidsim predictions had a minimal error. After such a battle, the desire to build a fleet in general was lost. By the absurdity of my log kanesh is far from FLOVSKY "zs vs bshch", but it was on the old engine, but here everything seems to be used to adequate results.

I begin to regret the spent forces and time for this game.
Neo, CAH or KNALT, tell me that this is a normal fight and I'll waste akk.
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